Creat’R Lab

The Creat’R Lab is a place where new technologies, scientific curiosity, and entrepreneurship will come together across the disciplines. It is an innovative learning environment in which students, faculty and researchers can experiment with tools and technologies that will allow them to deepen their knowledge and extend their research. Equipment includes 3D printers, 3D scanners and associated software, basic hand tools, electronics for prototyping, tools for working with textiles, and more. Instructors will provide individual consultations as well as workshops on both tools and conceptual skills. Students in particular are invited to use this space both in conjunction with classroom projects and outside the classroom context. Orbach Science Library 140 (Main Creat'R Lab) Orbach Science Library 145 (Creat'R Lab Mentoring Room) Orbach Science Library 144 (Creat'R Room 3D Printing Shop)

  • 900 University Ave
    Riverside, CA 92521
    United States
  • (951) 827-3701
  • Orbach Library
  • (951) 827-3701