City Overview

Date Incorporated

October 11, 1883

Official Population of Riverside


2012 City Rank by Population in CA


2011 City Rank by Population in US


City Area

81.5 sq mi

Median Age


Number of Departments in the City


Total FTE's in FY 15/16


  • Dashboards

    Monthly updates on key activities, marketing campaigns and economic indicators for the City of Riverside.

  • Monthly Dashboard

    May 2017

  • Monthly Dashboard Archive

    2013 - 2017 Reports

Reports & Studies

  • 2014 - 2015 Economic Development Action Plan

    Community and Economic Development Department

  • Beacon Economics Reports

    Archive of Quarterly City of Riverside Regional Intelligence Reports.

  • 2017 Retail Map

    Interactive map providing demographics, traffic counts, and highlighting major retail centers in the City of Riverside.

  • Top 50 Employers in the City of Riverside

    Rankings of the top 50 employers based on number employed.

  • Downtown Riverside Market Profile

    Brochure providing demographics, development projects, and key entertainment venues in Downtown Riverside.

  • 2017 City of Riverside Development Opportunities

  • Inland Empire Business Activity Index

    The Inland Empire Business Activity Index tracks performance of the Inland Empire regional economy on a quarterly basis and is adjusted for seasonal variations.

  • Sales Tax Update - 3rd Quarter 2016

    City of Riverside Sales Tax Report - 3rd Quarter 2016

  • Foreign Trade & International Investment Strategy

    The Foreign Trade & Investment Strategy focuses on key partnerships and existing assets that allow Riverside to compete and succeed in an increasingly global economy.

  • International Trade Economic Forecasts

    Inland Empire Metro Area and City of Riverside Merchandise Exports - December 2014

  • Labor Market Study

    2010 City of Riverside Labor Market Survey