City Overview

Date Incorporated

October 11, 1883

Official Population of Riverside


Median Age


Average Household Income


20-Mile Radius Population

2.7 Million

2012 City Rank by Population in CA


2011 City Rank by Population in US


City Area

81.5 sq mi

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    Monthly updates on key activities, marketing campaigns and economic indicators for the City of Riverside.

  • Monthly Dashboard

    December 2017

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    2013 - 2018 Reports

Reports & Studies

  • 2014 - 2015 Economic Development Action Plan

    Economic Development Division

  • Regional Intelligence Reports

    Archive of Quarterly City of Riverside Regional Intelligence Reports.

  • 2017 Retail Map

    Interactive map providing demographics, traffic counts, and highlighting major retail centers in the City of Riverside.

  • Top 50 Employers in the City of Riverside

    Rankings of the top 50 employers based on number employed.

  • Downtown Riverside Market Profile

    Brochure providing demographics, development projects, and key entertainment venues in Downtown Riverside.

  • 2017 City of Riverside Development Opportunities

  • Inland Empire Business Activity Reports

    The Inland Empire Business Activity Index tracks performance of the Inland Empire regional economy on a quarterly basis and is adjusted for seasonal variations.

  • Sales Tax Update - 2nd Quarter 2017

    City of Riverside Sales Tax Report - 2nd Quarter 2017

  • Foreign Trade & International Investment Strategy

    The Foreign Trade & Investment Strategy focuses on key partnerships and existing assets that allow Riverside to compete and succeed in an increasingly global economy.

  • International Trade Economic Forecasts

    Inland Empire Metro Area and City of Riverside Merchandise Exports - December 2014

  • UCR Economic Impact Report

    October 2017

  • Labor Market Study

    2010 City of Riverside Labor Market Survey