The Weathered Feather: Inspire, Create, Empower


The Weathered Feather is a very unique new addition to Riverside. Local artisans Jill and Tess opened The Weathered Feather with a mission that can be summarized in three words; inspire, create and empower. Over the years, Jill and Tess were acquaintances as vendors operating at different boutique shows and events throughout the area. They formed a strong friendship working together at Sweet Vintage Décor, a home décor and vintage antique shop in Downtown Riverside. The two artists decided to combine their passions and open a store of their own.

The Weathered Feather sells all handmade vintage goods made by local artists, along with raw materials and craft supplies, encouraging customers to leave with a project and learning experience. Jill and Tess will also be hosting Do It Yourself workshops to empower people to try new things and learn new skills.

“We wanted to create a positive environment where people could come to just feel good. At the end of the day, it is all about the people.” says co-owner Jill.

Motivated to support people and local businesses in Riverside, Jill and Tess have created more than a shop; they have created a movement. Both Riversiders greatly value the collaboration among local businesses and artists.

Jill and Tess were proud to open the doors to The Weather Feather on May 1st with a soft opening event. On May 22nd, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and all are invited to come help welcome The Weathered Feather to Riverside.

The Weathered Feather is located at 3466 University Ave in Downtown Riverside.

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