The Water Heater Depot; A Hefty Inventory and Huge Hearts


Built upon civic responsibility and charity, The Water Heater Depot is a home improvement liquidation center in Riverside. Overcoming adversity and rough upbringings, co-owners John Gordon and Ryan Dodson strive to have a positive impact on the community and give back, because they are familiar with struggle. In 2003 they put their heads together and started their own business; Precision Plumbing. After several successful years, Precision Plumbing unfortunately went under as the economy crashed.

With bills to pay, mouths to feed and a growing scarcity of jobs, Gordon and Dodson began restoring, selling and installing used water heaters that they would buy on craigslist. The demand for their water heaters sky rocketed and they had to move the operation to a warehouse, opening the first Water Heater Depot in 2008. As their customer base grew steadily, so did their product selection. First they began to buy display, sellout, open-box, scratched, dinged and dented items from Home Depot. Now they also receive inventory from Sears and Wal-Mart.

Selling nearly everything under the sun at discounted prices, The Water Heater Depot is becoming a household name in Riverside with profits nearly doubling every year. Increased profits lead to increased generosity and outreach at The Water Heater Depot. Co-owner John Gordon says, “We feel it is our civic responsibility as you do well in the community to give back to it.”

Gordon and Dodson are extremely committed to giving back to the community by giving away thousands of dollars worth of products each year. Amongst all of the expansion and community interaction, they found the time to start a charity called Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) on Facebook. Frustrated with the fixation on negativity online and in the community, John Gordon believes there are a lot of positive things happening in the community and they don’t get enough attention. The Objective of RAOK is to simply share, inspire and spread kindness. For instance, onsite at The Water Heater Depot, there are several rooms reserved for donations to the needy.

“I realize there are millions of places that pass out stuff to the needy, but why not have a million and 1,” says John Gordon.

The Water Heater Depot is certainly heating things up in Riverside, consistently growing and reaching more people in the community. Find out more information about The Water Heater Depot on their Facebook, or visit them at 3300 Call Dr. Riverside, CA 92503.