The City of Riverside Cordially Welcomes All to Cybersecurity Summit 2020!


Please join us for Southern California's annual Cybersecurity Summit held in Riverside. This year's Cybersecurity Summit brings back the Hackathon. Ransomware incidence and its increased impact is the topic of this year’s event. This year's speakers are going to focus on the current landscape and the latest trends to combat the threat. Come learn from industry experts about the state of Cybersecurity threats, and the need to educate CEOs on the strategic, cross-enterprise value of cyber defense.

This years topic is: Ransomware


George Khalil, CIO - City of Riverside

George holds a Master’s degree in Information Security Engineering from the SANS Technology Institute. His professional experience spans over 20 years managing networks, servers, storage and security infrastructure. George has been leading enterprise security architecture for over five years within government agencies, critical infrastructure, and law enforcement sectors. Before public service, He also worked for several Fortune 500’s and Fortune 1000’s such as EarthLink Networks, SeeBeyond Technologies, and Sun Microsystems.

In addition to his experience, George is also a certified intrusion analyst, incident handler, and network and systems auditor, Forensic Analyst, Penetration Tester, Project Manager, and Certified Security Expert. George has completed PCI DSS 2.0 Auditing, Security awareness program management, and Staff development through reflective coaching. He also published several peer-reviewed papers on the topics of iOS messaging security, secure network engineering for next-generation data centers, password security, project management, High throughput Intrusion Analysis, and Forensic network design. George presented at SANS Network Security Conferences and is a member of the GIAC Advisory Board.

Ed Koehler, Security Architect - Extreme

Ed has been in the communications and networking industry for 20+ years. Ten of those years he spent as a Senior Technology Architect for R&D within the CTO division of Nortel. His area specialties are, IPv6, Multicast, Digital Identity, and Network Security as well as Voice and Video communications and Data Science.

He has several patents in these areas. Ed joined with Extreme/Avaya in August of 2010 as a Senior Data Solutions Architect specializing in Virtualized Data Centers and associated technologies including compute and storage.

Currently, he is serving this role at the Global geography level. He was named Distinguished Engineer in October of 2012. He is an IEEE member and was instrumental in the development of some of the core technology used in IEEE 802.1aq “Shortest Path Bridging”.

Rocky Rosas, Director of Sales Engineering - LogRhythm

Rocky Rosas is the Director of Sales Engineering at LogRhythm and is based in Southern California. Mr. Rosas is a Stanford University graduate in Mathematical and Computational Sciences. He has 30+ years of large-scale enterprise and service provider information technology experience, with the last 14 years focused on data security. As a seven-year veteran of LogRhythm, Mr. Rosas has been engaged in the requirements analysis and design of a significant number of successful SIEM and Security Intelligence platform deployments. Prior to his current role at LogRhythm, Mr. Rosas was a Product Specialist inside IBM’s Security Division focusing on monitoring solutions for database security and usage.

Who Should Attend
  • Chief Security Officers
  • Directors of IT
  • Network and Application Managers
  • Data Architects

Anyone tasked with protecting corporate infrastructure and customer data while bringing a new level of security awareness about hackers and cybersecurity breaches to their organization.

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