Riverside I/O: Building Synergy among Entrepreneurs


As the City of Arts & Innovation, Riverside fosters entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration to fuel intelligent growth within our community. Business incubators and accelerators such as Riverside I/O make our community stand out. Riverside I/O is a non-profit co-working space that is led by tech entrepreneurs and supported by the local startup community. Riverside I/O’s mission is to accelerate startups by providing a space that is open 24/7 for co-working, hosting of tech related events and on-going collaboration.

Riverside I/O President and Director, Ralph Richardson, references Brad Feld’s book “Startup Communities” as he describes what the co-working space is all about. He argues that sustainable entrepreneurial communities must have two types of people: leaders (entrepreneurs) and feeders (people who support startups, such as government agencies, funders and service providers). While the "feeders" are the very fabric of the community, the entrepreneurs must be in the lead.

“We love that the City has shown a huge level of commitment to “feeding” our startup community and helping it flourish. In time, we believe that the next Twitter or Facebook WILL BE launched right here in Downtown Riverside!” says Ralph Richardson.

Approximately 8 companies are currently working in the I/O space. A perfect example of a start-up taking advantage of the opportunity is BitPeel.  Launched by I/O members, Judd Lillestrand and Matt Goatcher., A boutique software consultancy with an efficient approach, BitPeel offers custom-tailored and cost effective software solutions.

Only opening its doors in July of 2013, Riverside I/O is already preparing to expand their facility to add a much needed 1,000 square feet to the co-working space. The creative minds of Riverside I/O don’t just collaborate amongst themselves; they have worked hard to build relationships with organizations and people throughout the city by hosting different events and connecting with UCR student interns. Riverside I/O actively hosts and participates in events to boost synergy in the community including Startup IE, Riverside Ruby Group, The Branding Lab and Free Co-Working Day. To learn more about the events Riverside I/O is involved in or to become a “feeder”, click here. Riverside I/O is always looking for local businesses including restaurants, corporate law offices, banks, insurance companies, CPA firms and more that are interested in helping support the project and participate in the benefits of a vibrate Startup Community!

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