Riverside Food Lab coming late 2017!


The Riverside Food Lab will be a culinary showcase that connects Riverside's agricultural roots with today's cutting-edge food culture. It will bring together 14 independent eateries that specialize in locally-grown, artisanal, organic, and handcrafted foods. Established restaurateurs and young food entrepreneurs will share a state-of-the-art incubator space that nurtures innovation, celebrates diverse cuisines and hosts foodie events. It will be a place for people to immerse themselves in the sights, smells, and tastes that make Riverside distinct, presented by local culinary experts whose passion turns every meal into an entertaining experience. 

The Riverside Food Lab, opening in late 2017 next to the historic Fox Theater, promises to be a fun and affordable gateway to Downtown’s many attractions, and the place where everybody from next-door neighbors to late-night visitors discover the latest and tastiest food in town.

For Riverside Food Lab leasing inquiries please contact:

Arteco Partners

Tim Milhouse, Leasing / Project Manager at 909-623-0535 or email at Tim@ArtecoPartners.com