Request For Proposal Out Now For Riverside Convention Center Expansion!


The Opportunity

The City of Riverside is seeking a highly-qualified expert to build, without any City subsidies, a vibrant mixed-use development, on 7.6 acres of City-owned land, which will bring more hotel rooms, market rate housing, retail/restaurant space, and structured parking to the area. A portion of the site, located at 3460 Orange Street, is currently occupied by Encore High School until May 2020. The Encore-occupied building is approximately 21,500 square feet and the City expects the selected proposer to demolish the structure upon Encore’s vacation. The specific purposes of this project are to: 

 Meet the growing demand for additional hotel rooms (by constructing 1-2 convention-style hotels with a preference of 200 rooms and no less than a 4-star rating for the hotel brand), residential units (the City does not have a preference regarding for-rent vs. for-sale units), and commercial space (by extending the existing Main Street commercial pedestrian mall) in downtown; 

 Expand the existing Riverside Convention Center, under a Public Private Partnership (P3) model, by 100,000 square feet (preferred—budget permitting), to improve the City’s ability to attract larger conferences and group meeting business and be more competitive vs. immediate convention center competition (i.e. Palm Springs, Ontario, etc.). Please note, the City envisions the project’s hotel being constructed over the convention center expansion area;  Construct a new parking garage to replace existing surface parking stalls (for public use at prevailing rates) and provide sufficient parking for the comprehensive development; and 

 Improve the overall economics of downtown through greater transient occupancy tax (TOT) generation, increased sales tax, and job creation for Riverside residents. The City also encourages (but does not require) prospective proposers to include civic uses as potential tenants and cultural attractions (such as a Veteran’s memorial) into its development proposal.

Preferred Development

As previously noted, the City will consider a mixed use development to include a hotel (or hotels), for-rent/for-sale multi-family residential, commercial, a new parking garage and an expanded convention center (preferred 100,000 square feet, budget permitting, under a P-3 model) and civic and cultural uses (preferred but not required). Other development projects may be proposed that differ from the noted preferred uses. However, proposers should be aware that public support may or may not allow for alternative development projects to be approved by the Riverside City Council. 

The subject property is located in close proximity to major institutions, public facilities as well as landmark historic structures, including the historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, the popular Fox Theater Performing Arts Center, the newly renovated Riverside Convention Center, the Riverside City College, and the County, State and Federal Courts just to name a few. 

The proposed Project must be consistent with the City’s parking requirements, design standards and guidelines of the Raincross District of the Downtown Specific Plan. 

More information regarding the Downtown Specific Plan—Raincross District can be accessed via:


All requests for clarifications, changes, exceptions, deviations to the terms and conditions set forth in this RFP should be submitted in writing to: Nathan Freeman 

The receipt of questions from the proposer shall be received by the City before 5 PM on November 19, 2018. To ensure fairness and avoid misunderstandings, all communications must be in written format and addressed only to the individual set forth above. Any verbal communications will not be considered or responded to. All questions received by the due date will be logged and reviewed and, if required, a response will be provided via an addendum to the RFP. Any communications, whether written or verbal, with the Mayor, any City Councilmember or City staff other than the individual indicated above (specific to this Request for Proposals), prior to award of a contract by City Council, is strictly prohibited and the proposer shall be disqualified from consideration. 

Please note: The City shall not be liable for any expenses, which may include, but are not limited to, preparation of the proposal or related information in response to this RFP; negotiations with the City on any matter related to this RFP; and costs associated with interviews, meetings, travel or presentations incurred by any proposer in relation to the preparation or submittal of the proposal. Additionally, the City shall not be liable for expenses incurred as a result of the City’s rejection of any proposals made in response to this RFP.

All proposals are due by or before 5:00 PM on December 18, 2018. This time and date is fixed and extensions may not be granted. The City does not recognize the United States Postal Service, its postmarks or any other organization as its agent for purposes of dating the proposal. All proposals received after the deadline shown will be rejected, returned to sender and will not receive further consideration. 

Questions may be submitted to by November 19, 2018 at 5:00 PM and will be answered and posted to by November 26, 2018. 

Mail (or hand-deliver) six (6) hard copies and one (1) electronic file of the proposal to: City of Riverside Community & Economic Development Department Attn: Nathan Freeman 3900 Main Street, 5th Floor Riverside, CA 92522 

Please note: The City reserves the right to amend, extend, withdraw or cancel this RFP. The City also reserves the right to reject all responses to this RFP at any time prior to an agreement being executed. Furthermore, the City reserves the right to request or obtain additional information about any and all submittals.

Full Submittal Requirements and Case Study