NORA Knives & Cutlery: A Slice of Entrepreneurial Spirit


In an industry inundated with bland designs and marginal quality, NORA Knives & Cutlery cuts through their competition with remarkable aesthetics and unmatched craftsmanship. In business nearly 1 year, Owners Steven and Danielle Jenkins manufacture various handcrafted kitchen knives with top notch quality and a designer’s touch. With an extensive background in metal work and engineering, Steven has been a knife enthusiast ever since his grandfather gave him his first pocket knife at about age six.

Steven and Danielle decided to put their creative minds together and cater to a demand that wasn’t being met, high quality kitchen knives that look as great as they perform. With Steven’s metal working background and Danielle’s marketing and design skills, they are the perfect team. Steven crafts the blades by hand and takes care of the technical aspects of the business while Danielle designs the handles and actual blade shapes, turning their product into a piece of art with industry leading performance. With most of their sales over the internet, NORA Knives is beginning to gain recognition in the chef and cutlery communities.

“Recently a chef from Georgia sent us a picture of one of our knives being used in a photo shoot for his restaurant. That was huge for us, validating that we are heading in the right direction, says Danielle Jenkins.”

Most of the high-end knife and cutlery companies’ products are very utilitarian, with rudimentary design qualities. This is where NORA Knives stands out. According to Steven Jenkins, “We wanted to create a very high caliber product that you will want to leave out on the counter, not one to hide in the drawer.”

With a growing customer base of chefs and professionals, Steven and Danielle love to see their knives in household kitchens as well. Steven and Danielle also specialize in custom work, meeting the specific needs of the customer. Depending on what the client’s primary use will be, size of the hand, material and design preference, NORA Knives can meet the desires and exceed the expectations of any chef or home cook.

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