New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses


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Starting 2015, what goals and aspirations do you have for your business or organization? New Year’s is a great time to evaluate your business, analyze performance, set goals, and make a plan to achieve those goals. USA Today has provided a list of the top 10 resolutions for business owners and entrepreneurs, and below are a few of those resolutions that can help gear you up for 2015.

  • 1.  Limit your time on social media. Establish a time limit, 30 minutes maximum; schedule it for a specific time each day and then click off and get back to work. To limit your time on social media, schedule your social media posts in advance using a social media management tool.
  • 2.  Take care of your health. Health is basic to all our other endeavors. If your body and mind are not healthy, you won't have the energy or capability to achieve business success. Make sure you carve out enough time to exercise, eat healthfully and get enough sleep.
  • 3.  Keep Learning. Attend conferences and workshops. Take classes. Watch instructional videos. Read. Your business depends on your brain, so make sure you are continually expanding it.
  • 4.  Check your financial statements regularly. Many entrepreneurs hesitate to look too deeply and regularly into their financial reports: profit and loss, cash flow, aging accounts receivable and payable. Every week, perhaps on Monday or Friday, spend at least 30 minutes reviewing your financials.
  • 5.  Plan your day. Every morning make a "to do" list and keep it in front of you. Keep it reasonable and (mostly) achievable.

To remain effective and thrive, a business must adapt with the times. It is important to look back at the past year and see what worked for your business, and what didn’t. This will enable you to develop an effective strategy and allow your business to blossom to its full potential.

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