New Year, New Laws - Stay Up To Date And Compliant With California’s 2020 Business Law Adjustments


(This article was written by CalChamber and published on January 2, 2020)

Welcome to 2020! To help you make a smooth transition to the new year, we want you to know the following laws that may affect your business:

  • AB 5, a new law significantly altering the way California law determines whether workers are independent contractors;
  • New lactation accommodation requirements including a required policy;
  • California Consumer Privacy Act requirements;
  • Expanded leave for organ and bone marrow donors; and
  • California’s increased minimum wage and minimum salary requirements (including for computer professionals and licensed physician and surgeons).

Also, CalChamber’s employment law experts updated all HRCalifornia forms, checklists and tools affected by new laws, regulations and court rulings. Use 2020 New Laws for a quick guide on updates to individual employment law topics.
Grab a cup of coffee and those leftover cookies. Spend some time in the HR Library. Look for the flags that indicate new content on 2020 laws or important court rulings from 2019 that may require changes to your workplace policies and practices.