Kaiser Permanente Inspires Future Generation of Physicians


Riverside needs physicians. Kaiser Permanente is taking an innovative approach to meeting that need. Tremendous regional growth has left most Inland cities underserved by the healthcare industry.  Hippocrates Circle is a Southern California Kaiser Permanente program designed to motivate under-represented students towards careers as physicians. This community outreach program was founded in 2000 at the San Diego Medical Center and in the Fall of 2003, Riverside Medical Center created a local chapter becoming the second site to embrace the program. In May of 2004, the Riverside Hippocrates Circle held the first graduation ceremony for 27 students. Riverside’s program has continued to flourish over the years and now includes students from all ethnic backgrounds.

The program includes five interactive venues between students and physicians. The first venue is an opportunity for students and physicians to share personal experiences and discuss challenges to achieving a successful medical career. In the second event, students tour Kaiser Permanente medical facilities and experience a day in the life of a physician. The third venue is a tour of a medical school campus. Students meet medical students, as well as members of the admissions committee, to address questions about medical school. The fourth event is a Financial Aide event, which includes information for parents and students about grants, loans, and scholarship programs. The program concludes with a fifth event, which includes the graduation ceremony with the students, their families, and mentoring physicians celebrates the students’ participation in this program and their goal to pursue a career as a physician.

“We are very passionate about connecting with underserved populations and letting them know that they can achieve their dreams of being physicians, regardless of their background,” said LaTyce Moyo, Hippocrates Circle Administrative Champion.

11 Years and roughly 600 students later, the Hippocrates Circle program continues to touch the lives of Riverside’s youth. Connecting and collaborating with every middle school in Riverside Unified School District and Alvord Unified School District they have been able to plant a seed and encourage students to pursue their career ambitions.

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