Chinese Delegation Visits the Office of Economic Development


On November 18th, the Riverside Office of Economic Development welcomed a visiting delegation of 22 policy-makers, county officials, and business leaders from Hunan Province, China. The visiting delegation came to learn about the City’s economic development strategy and possible opportunities for international collaboration. Topics of conversation included Riverside’s business assistance programs and efforts to encourage and retain high-tech enterprises in Riverside.

To further the discussion, City staff invited Riverside business leaders Amro Albanna, with ieCrowd, and Dr. Helen Chen PhD, with Ambryx Biotechnology, to give presentations on their innovative work. Mr. Albanna discussed how his company is commercializing technologies out of UCR and bringing global capital to the region. Dr. Chen spoke about the value of the Riverside Technology CEO Forum, a group of local CEO’s dedicated to the development and stewardship of local technology related enterprises, and her experiences as a tech company in Riverside.

Afterwards, Gordon Bourns, Chairman and CEO of Bourns Inc., provided guests with an in-depth tour of his facility. He shared the fascinating journey of the company from humble beginnings in the garage of his parents, Marlan and Rosemary Bourns, to its current status of over 4,000 employees worldwide. At the Bourns Technology Center, the delegation met with representatives from the Center of Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT), also located on the Bourns campus, and discovered how CE-CERT has become a recognized leader in environmental education and a creative source of new technologies.