Business Spotlight:Goodwin’s Organic Food & Drinks


Goodwin’s Organic Food & Drinks is not your average specialty market. Originating on the outskirts of Lake Gregory in Crestline, CA , Goodwin’s Market opened in 1946 as a modest, family owned, grocery store. When third generation grocer Martin Goodwin came into the business, he brought a new vision for growth. Goodwin saw a real need to help people improve the quality and length of their lives by providing the most whole and pure Organic foods and drinks available. Dedicated to this mission, Goodwin’s Organic Foods & Drinks came to Riverside and opened California’s first 100% organic grocery store in 2007.

Strategically located near UC Riverside, Goodwin’s Organics offers a unique set of products and services to engage the community and educate future generations. Owner, Martin Goodwin, says that they are not just interested in selling healthy foods; they are dedicated to enhancing quality of life. By offering nutritional classes, meal plans, live blood assessments, a study lounge, and a juice bar; Goodwin’s is more of a health and wellness center than just a health food store. Martin Goodwin hopes to encourage young adults to build lifestyles around wise food choices and healthy consumption. Equipped with Wi-Fi, students are encouraged to visit the study lounge at Goodwin’s and take advantage of their healthy learning environment. With students’ well-being in mind, Goodwin’s remains open around the clock during finals so students can have a safe haven to study and refuel in a healthy way. 

Instead of using scare tactics and focusing on the negative impacts of certain foods, Goodwin’s organics concentrates on positive choices and the habits that make us healthy. In addition to encouraging good health at his store, Martin Goodwin takes his message on the road. The Goodwin’s food truck visits local universities, hospitals, gyms, businesses, and other locations to connect with Riversiders and help promote their cause in a fun way. Goodwin’s Organics is a one of a kind grocery store with a true passion for health and wellness. To learn more about Goodwin’s Organics and all of the services they have to offer, click here.