Business Spotlight: Riverside Flight Academy


If you have dreams of becoming an aviator, Riverside Flight Academy can make that dream a reality. Located at the Riverside Airport, Riverside Flight Academy offers aircraft rental, ground school, private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor pilot training. The academy took flight three years ago and has already began making a name for itself.

“We like to think that our academy offers a unique experience, with a friendly family environment. We focus on customer service and make sure the students enjoy their journey throughout their time with us,” said Riverside Flight School Partner, Johan Backlund.

Riverside Flight Academy was selected as an Outstanding Flight School by Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) in September 2013, ranked in the top 10. The following year, they were recognized in AOPA’s top 50 Honor Roll list. The award winners were chosen as a direct result of thousands of poll results from customers. AOPA is an important resource to the industry, because potential students and prospects refer to AOPA’s expertise when deciding on a flight school for training.

Catering to all levels of students and pilots, Riverside Flight Academy can instruct and certify someone to fly a recreational two seat airplane or instruct and certify them for a career towards piloting a large commercial airliner. The Redbird LD flight simulator is a useful tool that enables students to maintain instrument currency and keep skills sharp with wrap-around visuals, realistic flight controls, and interchangeable cockpits. This FAA certified simulator can be used for a single or multi-engine training and can represent glass panel aircraft as well as traditional 6-pack configurations to accommodate practically any student’s needs.

Riverside Flight Academy also hosts discovery flights, offering potential pilots the opportunity to come get their feet wet and learn what being a pilot entails.

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