Business Spotlight: Hangar 18


(This article contains excerpts from Hangar 18)

Ask their customers and they’ll tell you, Hangar 18 is the ultimate place to hang out. With 8 indoor rock climbing gyms in the Inland Empire, two in the City of Riverside, it is the largest chain of climbing gyms in Southern California. Riverside locations offer an abundance of climbing holds and very calculated routes, and Hangar 18 has a challenge for any rock climber from entry level to professional. Hangar 18 East Riverside is one of the newest additions to the chain, located conveniently close to UCR. Formerly Thresh Hold Climbing Center, this facility boasts more than 8,000 square feet of textured climbing terrain, a huge amount of topout bouldering for climbers of all ages and ability levels, toproping and lead routes over 30ft high to get some air under your feet, and autobelay units to get a great workout when you are running solo.

According to Dave Hamilton, part of the reason they chose Riverside was simple supply and demand. The City has plenty of avid climbers who want to enjoy their favorite pastime regardless of the weather, but there weren’t enough indoor climbing facilities nearby to meet the demand. Additionally, Hangar 18 knows that climbing appeals to Riverside families. Unlike many sports or exercise activities that emphasize a solo experience, rock climbing is a fun and exhilarating activity that families can do as a unit.

Not only is Hangar 18 dedicated to delivering a quality climbing experience in their state-of-the-art facilities, they are very passionate about safety. With safety instruction and guidance available at no charge for any Hangar 18 members, the company puts a priority on safe technique whether they are climbing or belaying.

“As we continue to grow and expand, we don’t lose sight of why we came here,” says Hamilton.

Since opening their first gym in 1998, Hangar 18 has built a culture of climbing in the Inland Empire. They have also remained active in the community, collaborating with local school districts and fundraisers. By hosting field trip events and team building exercises, students are able to connect with one another and experience the positive energy that rock climbing delivers.

Hangar 18 has grown to be one of the leading indoor climbing gyms in the nation. With over 55,000ft² of textured climbing terrain, world-class bouldering, massive lead caves, a friendly and professional staff, Hangar 18 Climbing Gyms are a perfect place for anyone from first-timers just looking to have fun to veteran climbers looking to push their climbing to the next level.

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