Business Spotlight: Carrington Case


A purpose-driven business that bridges the gap between function and fashion, based out of Riverside, Carrington Case designs fashionable electronics cases and tech accessories for professionals. Starting off with a few sketches he shared with a friend, CEO and founder Kevin Carrington traversed his vision into a reality. Frustrated with current products on the market that force professionals to forfeit fashion for functionality, Carrington wanted to design a luxury product to help professionals look good. He believes Carrington Case brand stands as a symbol that you carry everything you need to be successful.

Kevin’s success has given him an opportunity to follow his passion and give back to the community. The team at Carrington case lives by the code “OMNIA MEA MECUM PORTO.” Latin for “All that’s mine I carry with me,” it serves as their mantra and way of life. Kevin Carrington poses the questions, “What if luxury could amplify more than just your personal experience? What if it extended beyond your experiences to improve the experience of others?” With these questions in mind Carrington continues to provide luxury accessories and in turn takes a portion of all proceeds to accessorize the minds of young people by promoting S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) education.Carrington’s commitment to education was inspired by a piece of bathroom art that read “what if the cure for cancer was trapped inside of the mind of a person who can’t afford an education.” This thought drove Carrington to support young people who wish to pursue an education in any of the STEM fields.

With his deep passion for STEM education, Carrington created the C3 Code Day event to spark interest in computer science and computer coding in a way that resonates with kids; rockets. By operating the rockets through computer coding, the C3 Code Days are great opportunities for students and teenagers to engage with local mentors and apply computer science to real life. As a member of Riverside I/O, a co-working / hackerspace downtown, Carrington is able to introduce students and young adults who are anxious to learn with knowledgeable tech mentors.

Carrington prides itself in doing more than just excelling in crafting accessories that make you look good. It’s more than that.

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