Business Spotlight: Canine Caviar


As we become more concerned about nutrition and what we eat, we often forget about what we feed our pets. Riverside based Canine Caviar provides all natural holistic food and treats for dogs and cats. CEO/President, Jeff Baker and Vice President, Gary Ward started Canine Caviar in 1997 as concerned pet owners. Managing his Great Dane’s different health issues and allergies, Baker decided to formulate his own special alkaline diet of all natural holistic foods. His Great Dane lived to be an astounding 17 years old. With a background in the pharmaceutical industry as a scientific researcher, Baker formulated Canine Caviar from scratch, with all natural, GMO and preservative free ingredients to optimize pet health and nutrition.

“Our goal is to educate pet owners and let them make their own decisions. We are not in the business of putting other companies down or speaking badly of other philosophies. We focus on promoting the benefits of our product,” says Vice President, Gary Ward

With the business growing 40% on average since moving to Riverside, Baker and Ward have been quite the trendsetters in the industry. From ingredients to packaging, Canine Caviar has certainly ventured from the norm and established a respectable reputation. Without adding harmful preservatives, they have been able to extend shelf life by using quality poly bags that can be resealed for freshness. Leading the way in alkaline based pet foods, they are also the first to introduce buffalo treats to the industry.

Canine Caviar provides a variety of different proteins to replicate the rotation of protein in a wild animal’s diet, offering duck, turkey, venison, fish, chicken and lamb.

“Everything we use is human grade and safe for humans to eat. We feed our pets better than we feed ourselves,” says Ward.

Anxious to engage with the community, Canine Caviar hosts Google hangouts on a regular basis to answer questions and open lines of communication.

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