Business Spotlight: Bowen-Hayes School of the Arts


It’s not your average dance school. Bowen-Hayes School of the Arts (BHSOTA) originated in the city of Grand Terrace in 2006, teaching dance with a creativity-centered focus. Artistic Director & Founder Jamie Azpeitia-Sachs named her dance studio after her Grandmothers who both had a deep appreciation for the performing arts. True to the passion of its namesakes, the Bowen - Hayes School of the Arts focuses on teaching the basic techniques of various dance styles while centering on dance as an art form, not a competitive sport centered on winning. Combining the experience of all of the school’s instructors, they have taught in every state, and 8 countries! With a foundation in ballet, BHSOTA offers instruction on numerous genres including, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, contemporary, lyrical, costume design, musical theater, swing, salsa, ballroom, and belly dancing.

Since relocating to Riverside, BHSOTA has been no stranger to growth and progression. Each year they strive to improve, expand, and excel beyond the benchmarks of the year before. Sticking to that trend, Founder Jamie Azpeitia says 2014 was their best year yet. For the first time, Bowen - Hayes School of the Arts was able to premiere an original ballet performance. Dancers from all over the Inland Empire flocked to BHSOTA to be a part of it.

“We chose Riverside because it is the City of Arts & innovation. We felt that BHSOTA fit great here because Riversiders are very accepting of the performing arts, and that is rare,” says Artistic Director & Founder Jamie Azpeitia-Sachs.

Constantly being recognized among their peers, BHSOTA was named Best Dance Studio by IE Hot List. BHSOTA built a strong reputation within the dance community, and maintains healthy working relationships with other dance studios and instructors. Bowen - Hayes School of the Arts prides itself on emphasizing technique and developing their students to experience dance as an art form, not as a competitive sport.

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