Business Owners: Sales Tax Increase Effective April 1st, 2017


Measure Z: what is it, what is the intent, and how does it affect you as a business owner?

On November 8th voters approved Measure Z, a one-cent transaction and use tax to restore critical services eliminated in 2016 and ensure that Riverside has the necessary managed savings to maintain a balanced budget in the future. Local businesses that collect sales tax should mark their calendars now for the April 1st shift when collection rates rise from 7.75% to 8.75% in the City of Riverside so as to avoid incurring the additional tax costs.

The City Council ultimately approves the budget and will decide how Measure Z revenues are spent with recommendations from the newly established Budget Engagement Commission. Examples of funding might include: 

- Repair and replacement of first responder vehicles (police and fire) 

- Addition of police officers to Riverside Police Department 

- General street repair and maintenance 

- Repair and maintenance of City facilities such as police and fire stations 

- Enhancing recreation centers and libraries, such as the Convention Center and the Fox Performing Arts Center

The City of Riverside takes pride in being a place where local businesses can grow and thrive. Safe streets, reliable infrastructure, and an attractive quality of life that brings customers and investment is vital to the success of our business community.

For more information regarding Measure Z, please visit If you wish to be involved with the process, contact your City Council member or attend a City Council meeting. If you have any further questions about collecting the Measure Z tax, please contact the City of Riverside‚Äôs Finance Department by phone at (951) 826-5454.