Arcade Coffee Roasters Ranked 6th in Best Coffee Shops in America: 2019 by Food & Wine Magazine 


(This excerpt was written by David Landsel of Food & Wine Magazine, and published on November 1, 2019)

We live in a golden age of coffee shop design, which is precisely what makes this lightly-converted video store, located on a blank block in an oft-overlooked city, so special—Arcade is the kind of cafe that reminds us, over and over again, that creating the perfect gathering place has very little to do with how much money you have, or what kind of space you are working with. Be passionate, be authentic, be hospitable, be really good at what you do, then sit back (so to speak) and watch the line of happy and curious customers snake out the door and into the Inland Empire sunshine. From seasonal espresso blends to carefully sourced single origins, the coffee, roasted right in the middle of the shop, is some of the finest in Southern California, and the good vibes here—where employees participate in a profit-sharing agreement, rather than accept tips—never seem to take a day off. If every neighborhood in America had a coffee shop this joyfully dedicated to its mission, we’d be a sight better off. [Arcade Coffee]