3 Quick Steps to Better Business in 2015


No time to work on a 2015 business plan? No problem! If you’re short on time, below are 3 Quick Steps to Better Business in 2015. Just answer a few questions to help determine your focus for 2015. You can always spend more time on it later if you’d like. Ready? Go!

Step 1: Analyze and Review

There’s no benefit in jumping into 2015 without taking a few minutes to step back and reflect on 2014. Break your business down into a few areas and ask the following questions: 
1) Where did my business come from? 
2) Am I happy with the results I got? 
3) If I could change ONE thing about 2014, what would it be?

Step 2: What’s Really Important? 

1) Focus - Where is the one area that you need to focus your time and attention on in 2015?
2) Revenue - Where will it come from in 2015? How will I get it?
3) Process/Operations - How well does my operation work? Do I have enough staff? What needs to improve and get better?
4) Measuring - How will I measure the results?

Step 3: Implementation

Figure out what tools you will need to concentrate on your one area of focus and get started! Working on your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Too many businesses don’t do it because they think the process takes too much time.