• Industry Facts

  • Ranked 4th Overall in the Nation for Minority Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneur - "Top Cities for Minority Entrepreneurs" 2017

  • Ranked 10th Overall in the Nation for Small Business

    Biz2Credit - "Top 25 Cities For Small Business" 2017

  • Ranked 13th in the Nation for Startup Activity Index

    Kauffman Index for Startup Activity in Metro Areas 2017


With a ready-made supply of entrepreneurial talent represented by over 57,000 university and college students, technology companies have the necessary talent to support their workforce needs.


Each year Riverside colleges and universities have a new supply of graduates ready to enter the workforce. As of 2017, a combined total of over 9,100 degrees were conferred to local graduates.

The UC Riverside Bourns College of Engineering is dedicated to educating the next generation of engineering leaders to discover and apply groundbreaking solutions and innovations that improve the quality of life. In less than 25 years, the college has distinguished itself through faculty leadership in research and teaching, partnerships with industry and government, engagement with local and global communities, remarkable growth, and top-tier rankings.

  • Incubators

    High tech ideas require high tech spaces that provide entrepreneurs with the necessary infrastructure and support. Local incubators are a key component to a successful entrepreneurial eco-system.  With its affordable rent, resources and an environment that fosters ideas, incubators help start-ups bring their ideas to fruition.  

  • Workspaces

    What do you get when you combine highly creative people with highly technical people in the same space...new ideas! Workspaces like coworking and makerspaces allow individuals to collaborate and learn new skills in a friendly environment.

  • Capital

    Financial resources come in countless forms, types and structure. Today's ideas require not only capital, but the guidance to understand what type of funding to seek and when to seek it.

  • Tech Networks

    Ideas don't develop in a vacuum. Local technology networks provide entrepreneurs with support, mentoring and a soundboard to share their fledgling ideas.

Steve Massa

Senior Project Manager | Innovation and Entrepreneurship