• Industry Facts


    Riverside is strategically located central to key Southern California markets with convenient access by air, rail, highway and local ports.

  • Lower Cost To Do Business

    Riverside Public Utilities water and electricity rates are lower than those serviced by Southern California Edison

  • Citrus Heritage

    In 1887, the first cold-storage shipment of Riverside navels was sold on the floor of the Boston Exchange


The City of Riverside has a total labor force of 150,700 and each year Riverside colleges and universities have a new supply of graduates ready to enter the workforce. In 2017, a combined total of over 9,100 degrees were conferred to local graduates.


The City of Riverside is home to four local colleges and Universities with a total enrollment of over 52,000 students. 

In 2013, California Baptist University launched a state-of-the-art Food Innovation center as the focal point of the College of Allied Health’s nutrition and food services program. The center will be used as a laboratory for students, for service projects and for food industry research and development.

Joyce Jong

Senior Project Manager | Agricultural