Pool & Spa Pump Incentives

For business customers with newly constructed or existing in-ground swimming pools or spas as part of their facility, we can help them save on energy costs when they replace old, inefficient pumps with new, high-efficiency equipment.

High-efficiency pumps are able to maintain a pool or spa without using excessive amounts of energy. Save up to 90% in energy costs by using new variable speed and variable flow commercial pool and spa pumps. 

Pool & Spa Pump Incentives Program Guidelines

• Make sure your pump is sized to meet your pool’s requirements.
• All variable speed and variable flow commercial pool and spa pumps are eligible for a rebate of $200 per pump with the appropriate controller.
• Rebate cannot exceed the purchase price of the new unit.
• Pumps that were purchased for resale, used pumps, or rented pumps, will not qualify.
• Dual speed pumps do not qualify.
• Pool or spa pump must be installed and in operation within 30 days of purchase at the customer’s service address
• All General Program Guidelines apply.