Custom Energy Technology Grants

The Custom Energy Technology Grant program provides our business electric customers with the opportunity to request funds for the advancement of renewable energy and utility industry solutions. Winning proposals will address changes the utility industry has seen in the last five years with the advancement of technology and its impact on the utility space. Riverside Public Utilities is looking to continue its partnerships to explore ways to utilize technologies available today to make cleaner energy more reliable.

Proposals must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for consideration:

Propose an original innovative solution to a significant energy issue, address a California market need, provide a clear potential benefit to California electricity ratepayers, and target one or more of the categories listed below as it relates to the utility:

• Building efficiency
• Energy quality
• Distribution system impacts
• Distributed generation impacts
• Environmentally-preferred advanced generation
• Renewable generation utility impacts
• Energy-related research
• Strategic energy research
• Advanced electric transportation research
• Smart Grid applications
• Energy efficiency demonstration projects

Items that typically do not meet program intent:

• Materials components development or research
• Nanotechnology components and materials research
• Fuel cell components and materials
• Battery components and materials
• Generation improvement development
• Products/services readily available in the commercial market

How do I apply?

Give your Account Manager a call today at (951) 826-5485 for full details, or send us an e-mail.

Custom Energy Technology Grant Guidelines:

• Grant amount is up to 75% of the project cost with a maximum of $100,000 (whichever is less) per project. There is a 25% matching fund requirement associated with this program.
• Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) awards a Custom Energy Technology Grant to one electric business customer each *fiscal year. (*Ex. The proposal submission deadline for Fiscal Year 2019-20 is February 1, 2019) Proposal submissions are evaluated through a grading process by a Grant Review Team of engineers and RPU staff.
• All programs are subject to fund availability and may be cancelled, modified or reduced at any time.
• Other funding sources are not determined by Riverside Public Utilities; however, public benefit dollars, may not be used to supplement cost of project or as an alternative for matching funds.
• Grants are subject to program and fund availability.
• Grant will be paid to the electric customer-of-record, or to the designated project leader identified on the grant application.
• Feasibility study funds to determine the effectiveness of the proposed projects are available up to $5,000 per project per calendar year.
• Completion and submission of an application does not obligate Riverside Public Utilities to allocate grant funds.
• All projects or uses of grant funds must comply with the relevant portions of the California Public Utilities Code Section 385 related to the use of public benefits funds.
• All projects must demonstrate energy savings or show a power generation estimate. Retrofit strategies must show measurable energy savings and overall electricity demand reduction.
• Grant recipients will be required to enter into an agreement with Riverside Public Utilities to establish that the project demonstrates the proposed objectives.
• Project must be initiated within 30 days of the effective date of the agreement and must be completed within one year.
• For good cause and upon proper notification, an extension of the project deadline may be approved by the General Manager of Riverside Public Utilities.
• Copyrightable material and all patent rights for inventions conceived or put into use in the course of the grant project are the property of the recipient subject to Riverside Public Utilities retaining certain limited use rights.
• Grant participants will be required to cooperate with Riverside Public Utilities in publicity activities regarding awarding of the grant.
• Customer is responsible for complying with all required federal, state and local ordinances, restrictions, rules and regulations prior to installing any new equipment.
• Limitations apply.