Incentives Overview

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Business Liaison Service

At the heart of the Business First Philosophy is the dedicated Business Liaison. The City’s Office of Economic Development staff is part of a larger Business First Team of professionals ready to answer questions and provide guidance . Whether your business is relocating, expanding or developing a new project in the City of Riverside,… Read More


Fast-Track Permitting and Review

The Fast-Track Processing Team is composed of department heads or representatives with decision-making authority to “fast-track” the permitting process of specific, qualified commercial and industrial projects, waiving overtime charges for weekend inspections during the construction and/or tenant improvement installation process.… Read More


Riverside Public Utilities Economic Development Rate

Qualifying businesses can save up to 40% off their electric bill with discounted rates for relocating or expanding in Riverside! Your business qualifies for savings if you: Relocate your business to Riverside bringing 500 kW or more of monthly electric demand or expand your existing Riverside business by 20% of electric demand or more… Read More


Site Selection Assistance

Based on criteria provided by the business customer, we can compile a list of potential sites for consideration, advise on zoning code and provide feedback about the need for additional permitting measures such as a Conditional Use Permit, Parking Study or Variance that can help the customer compare sites knowledgeably and make the best… Read More