Program Description

The Riverside Green Business Program recognizes local businesses for taking initiative to pursue greener practices in their facilities and operations. Businesses are evaluated based on their efforts to reduce pollution and waste and to improve resource use efficiency.

Certified businesses will be recognized locally and statewide as members of the California Green Business Network, a network of over 2,800 other businesses in the State of California that have already committed to pursuing greener practices.

Currently businesses in the following sectors can apply for recognition:

  • Manufacturing
  • Office/Retail
  • Auto Shop
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant

Interested businesses should register on the California Green Business website.

City staff will follow-up to schedule a site visit and answer any questions. If you have any questions please call (951) 826-2438 or send us an email to


Many businesses find that it makes economic sense to adopt sustainable practices. Some of the benefits to going green include:

  • Free advertising on the statewide California Green Business Network: up to 1/3 of all hits on this site were by the public searching for green businesses to patronize
  • Announcement on the City’s Green Business Directory
  • Positive PR in the City: certified businesses will be recognized at a council meeting
  • A plaque to display to share their accomplishment with their customers, giving a competitive edge among eco-conscious consumers
  • Rights to use the Green Business logo in their own promotional materials; this includes receipts, business cards, company cars, etc.
  • Easy access to Riverside Public Utilities rebate programs, which can help businesses install energy and water efficient technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to become a certified Green Business?

Interested businesses should first sign up on the California Green Business Program Website. After creating an account, businesses are encouraged to independently review the Green Business Checklist to identify which measures they currently meet based on their businesses’ green practices. Within 1-2 weeks City staff will schedule a site visit with the business.

How long does the certification process take?

The certification process consists of four major milestones:

  1. Businesses register on the California Green Business website and independently review the checklist.
  2. City staff will schedule a site visit to verify the checklist measures and help the business identify steps to improve upon their green practices.
  3. The business works to make the improvements identified during the site visit.
  4. Final certification by City staff.

The duration of each step largely depends on how many measures the business is already implementing, how many changes need to be made, and how quickly the business implements the required changes to meet the Green Business standard.

What takes place during an on-site visit?

During the on-site visit, City staff will verify that your business has correctly completed the checklist and work with you to complete any additional measures to reach the Green Business standard.

How much does the program cost?

Enrollment in the Green Business Program is free. Businesses may elect to spend money to participate in Riverside Public Utilities rebate programs during the certification process.

How long am I certified for?

Green Business certification lasts for three years. Businesses can easily be re-certified at the end of the three year period by demonstrating that they have maintained their green standard and have implemented new green practices.

What if a business has outstanding violations or compliance issues?

All businesses will undergo audits and compliance checks. Any outstanding violations or compliance issues will make a business ineligible for Green Business certification.