Businesses want their city to support entrepreneurial activities and provide resources that will help local businesses grow and thrive.

Riverside does.

Life In Riverside

The community of Riverside offers a vibrant lifestyle for both your personal and professional life. Between thriving educational institutions for all ages, a variety of parks and spaces, and its commitment to culture and the arts, Riverside is truly an extraordinary place to live.

Visit Riverside

Experience the many wonderful restaurants, outdoor areas, and entertainment venues Riverside has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a night out or a weekend trip, you’ll never be without something to do.

Helpful Tools

As the Office of Economic Development, we’re here to help. We want to see your business grow and flourish so we’ve provided a few tools to help you do just that.

Riverside Prospector

Property Search

Riverside Prospector

Looking for that perfect location for your business, home, or community? We can help show you what’s around.

SizeUp Business Analysis

Business Analysis

SizeUp Business Analysis

SizeUp will benchmark your business against others in your industry, map your customers, competitors and suppliers and locate the best places to advertise.


Permit Assistance


Cal Gold assists you in finding the permit information you need for your business including contact information for the various agencies administering the permits.

#3 in CA for Economic Performance, #103 in the World


America's Best Cities for Global Trade


#1 U.S. City for Small Business

(May 2014)

#5 in Digital Cities Survey